Why the climate change deniers’ argument that “CO2 is simply plant food” doesn’t stand up

The idea that rising CO2 levels are good, because CO2 is plant food, is a cop-out by climate change deniers designed to shut down scientific discourse.

Nikola Tesla and the cult of the mysterious genius

In the decades since his death, Nikola Tesla has taken on a mythical status among his devoted followers, who attribute to him all manner of groundbreaking - and ultimately suppressed - inventions

Being Reasonable: what we can learn from people who hold fringe beliefs

When it comes to engaging with fringe beliefs, it's important to remember that people don't change their mind overnight, or based on one conversation

When it comes to the paranormal, do ‘sheep’ and ‘goats’ think differently? It looks like they do

A new systematic review examining cognitive functions and paranormal belief raises a few questions as to which papers were included, and why some were exclude

Jordan Peterson, climate change, and the many definitions of a scientific model

Celebrity psychologist and podcaster Jordan Peterson's views on climate change show a fundamental misunderstanding of scientific models

Towards a Cognitive Neuroscience of the Dying Brain

From the archives, Jason J Braithwaite offers an in-depth analysis and critique of the survivalist’s neuroscience of near-death experiences

Could lucid dreaming be the answer to avoiding persistent, recurring nightmares?

Learning how to consciously control and alter your dream environment through lucid dreaming may offer relief to sufferers of recurrent nightmares

Greenwashing won’t wash – fossil fuel companies need to take real action on climate change

It's not enough for fossil fuel companies to publicly step away from climate change denial - they need to take responsibility, and take action to avert a climate catastrophe

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