University of Liverpool’s proposed redundancies raise serious red flags for academia

Plans to make 47 researchers redundant based on potentially unclear and unreasonable metrics have seen the University of Liverpool draw criticism from across the academic community

The ‘scientist as lone genius’ is a myth that obscures real stories of scientific discovery

Science communication that focuses on lone geniuses making accidental discoveries can prime the public to accept quacks masquerading as mavericks

Species, Individual, Gender – biology and taxonomy don’t deal in black and white

We can try to define biological traits though simple catch-all labels, but nature is always much more complex in reality

10 persistent HIV myths we need to move past to break the stigma of the disease

It's a Sin showed us how much our understanding of HIV has changed, but social attitudes to the disease still remain mired in stigma

Toxoplasmosis: how worried should we be about the ‘mind-control parasite’ spread by cats?

While TED talks and internet memes spread fears we're being mind-controlled by our feline friends, the reality might be somewhat less dramatic

A doomscrollers guide to climate hyperbole: countering the doomism of Deep Adaptation

'Deep Adaptation' is a perfect example of how climate doomsayers and denialists both use similar methods to tilt reality in their favour

Is community testing the answer to managing the COVID-19 pandemic effectively?

Understanding the accuracy of PCR and Lateral Flow tests - and how they compare - is key in assessing the UK's community testing program

Well-designed patient outreach can help tackle misinformation where it does the most harm

Engaging directly and openly with patients can have a lasting effect - for both the patients and the scientists trying to help them.

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