Why I now believe parapsychology is a science not a pseudoscience

The undeniable presence of poor practices in parapsychology doesn't mean the whole field is pseudoscientific - genuine scientific inquiry is still taking place

Do astrologers have to believe in astrology?

From the archives, Nick Campion questions whether "belief" is even a particularly useful concept when applied to astrology

Are the claims for using coffee waste in the garden well grounded?

With a rise in suggestions for using coffee grounds in the garden, we take a look at the three most popular uses, to see what the evidence says

For a high-functioning society we must learn to embrace neurodiversity

Listening to the voices of diverse communities helps us foster a truly inclusive society, where we treat everyone with respect and humanity.

Closing the information gap on GM technology means addressing fear, as well as ignorance

It’s time to direct our efforts not only to providing scientific knowledge on genetically modified food, but also to addressing people’s fears.

Living donor: why I decided to give my right kidney to a complete stranger

Becoming a living kidney donor has made little difference to my life, but doubtlessly a huge difference to the life of the stranger who received it

Recovering memories: The truth is, the Satanic Panic never really went away

The Satanic Panic never really ended in the 1980s - it continued to rumble along, waiting for a spark to reignite it back into full moral panic.

Rapa Nui: European myths mask the reason for societal collapse on Easter Island – colonialism

The belief that the islanders – and not Europeans – destroyed Rapa Nui minimises the devastating impacts of European colonialism.

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