Are digital pregnancy tests simply taking the pee?

Digital pregnancy tests might look like another example of expensive e-waste, but we should look more carefully about their use and accessibility before we rush to condemn.

(False) Memories of Childhood

On 5 October 2017, I, along with four other memory researchers, read out an essay on memory in front of an audience at the...

The Death & Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

On the 29th January, 1951, a woman named Henrietta Lacks called into John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, complaining that she felt a ‘knot’ in...

Ipso Factoid: Daily Mail in Mildly Educational Shocker

The Daily Mail recently produced a list of questions commonly asked of parents by their naturally curious children about science and the world around...

Ipso Factoid: *insert gratuitous sexual pun here*

In a wonderful opportunity (duly ignored) to prove our maturity as a society, both the Times and Daily Mail had headlines declaring "What an...

IPSO FACTOID: Well That’s It Then, Science Is Over

Pack up the Bunsen burners and power down the computers because Science Is Dying! This wonderfully nonsensical claim is thanks to Daniel Henninger of...

IPSO FACTOID: Of Mice and Men- Sensationalized ‘journalism’ has got it all wrong

Following all the hoo-ha we've seen recently over the cervical cancer vaccination, it was with some interest I noted that the Daily Mail hailed...

Ipso Factoid: How much of our brains do we use to read The Daily Mail?

Do they fail to see the irony? This week The Daily Mail reported on a new book that dispels a number of health myths...

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From the outset, chiropractors have held anti-vax views – sadly, not much has changed

Despite overwhelming evidence vaccines work, many chiropractors focus unduly on the risks, and refuse to recommend them to patients

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Professor Chris French marks the passing of James Randi with a lookback at the influence Randi had on his life and career.

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The President of the United States takes a leaf out of the prosperity gospel playbook to dupe his supporters into giving him money

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The September issue of Biomedical Scientist magazine ignores the real story in their rose-tinted history of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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