Veterinary Homeopathy: Is the bark worse than the bite?

Once owners have been persuaded to put their faith in alternative treatments like homeopathy, it can be extremely hard for veterinary professionals to change their mind.

Homeopathy clearly doesn’t work, so why do some patients put such faith in it?

Patients, frustrated by a lack of answers in conventional medicine, sometimes turn to homeopathy - even though it offers even less hope of being effective

Homeopathy goes nuclear: how the homeopathic industry remains detached from reality

Homeopaths around the world are offering remedies to protect against radiation, petitioning the WHO, and calling for wider use of their inert sugar pills

The erroneous assumptions of so-called alternative medicine: Root causes

So-called alternative medicine practitioners are always keen to tell their patients they treat the root cause of disease - in reality, nothing could be further from the truth

When it comes to research, so-called alternative medicine is hostile to progress

Researchers who demonstrate alt-med to be ineffective are routinely, personally attacked - because practitioners are looking for vindication, not truth

The Society of Homeopaths, and the issues with regulating healthcare in the UK

The Society of Homeopaths are no longer accredited by the PSA, after the authorities new Standards require benefit to be weighted against risk

Despite what Prince Charles thinks, homeopathy is not the answer to antibiotic resistance

Conditions that clear without antibiotics aren't proof that homeopathy works, but that some infections can clear up on their own

Should we be skeptical of homeopathy research conducted in India? A look at the evidence

Research from India is more favourable to homeopathy than studies from anywhere else in the world - which should give us cause to be suspicious

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