Del Bigtree’s Better Way conference seeks to turn Covid conspiracists into full-on anti-vaxxers

Described by some as the "Davos of COVID conspiracy theorists", the Better Way conference clearly had its sights set on undermining confidence in all vaccines

The Anti-Vax Truthpaper: Putting The Light under the spotlight

The Light - the anti-vaccination newspaper started by a prominent flat earther - has increasingly pivoted to spreading far right extremist conspiracy theories

Michael Yeadon; or why we should listen to the scientists who listen to the scientists

Michael Yeadon, a former scientist at Pfizer, becoming one of the most prolific sources of pandemic pseudoscience shows that even experts aren't immune from misinformation

David Icke and Brian Rose’s four-hour anti-vaxx misinformation marathon

Failed mayoral candidate Brian Rose invited David Icke back to spend four hours spreading dangerous Covid misinformation, enabled by YouTube

There’s nothing to claims that Covid vaccines cause HIV – but that won’t stop them spreading

The latest viral conspiracy theory about COVID-19 vaccines are that they cause HIV infection - based on misreading scientific articles from two years ago

Have Brazilians been effectively immunised against vaccine disinformation?

While health misinformation is rife in Brazil, confidence in vaccines remains extremely high, thanks to decades of public health messaging

Vernon Coleman: how the Pandemic has brought some unpleasant people new fame

Former doctor Vernon Coleman's emergence as a star of the COVID-19 conspiracy movement is little surprise, given his prolific career of misinformation

A viral post wrongly claimed omicron had been detected in July – here’s why that’s not true

A little familiarity with internet archives and web page source code can help us check viral claims about Covid, and skewer misinformation.

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