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Regulators take action against dentist offering applied kinesiology and cranial osteopathy

By striking off a dentist making misleading health claims, the GDC and High Court have sent a message to other dentists on the fringes of the profession

Veterinary Homeopathy: Is the bark worse than the bite?

Once owners have been persuaded to put their faith in alternative treatments like homeopathy, it can be extremely hard for veterinary professionals to change their mind.

Homeopathy clearly doesn’t work, so why do some patients put such faith in it?

Patients, frustrated by a lack of answers in conventional medicine, sometimes turn to homeopathy - even though it offers even less hope of being effective

Homeopathy goes nuclear: how the homeopathic industry remains detached from reality

Homeopaths around the world are offering remedies to protect against radiation, petitioning the WHO, and calling for wider use of their inert sugar pills

Electromagnetic protection: the dodgy devices promising to protect you from EMFs

From the archives, Steve Donnelly discusses the burgeoning field of electromagnetic protection protecting devices

Gerson Support Group cancer ‘cure’ charity removed from register by Charity Commission

The Gerson Support Group failed to meet the Charity Commission's public benefit test - and it's not the only CAM charity that will fail to clear that hurdle

Echo chambers create an illusion of consensus around medical misinformation

Patients can find themselves beset from all sides by medical misinformation - and that constant repetition can make it feel like claims of miracle cures have something to them

Mothers-only Lockdown: postpartum confinement practices in Asia

Chinese Mothers routinely follow traditional postpartum confinement practices - but science suggests they could be doing more harm than good

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