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Michael Marshall is the project director of the Good Thinking Society and president of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. He is the co-host of the Skeptics with a K podcast, interviews proponents of pseudoscience on the Be Reasonable podcast, has given skeptical talks all around the world, and has lectured at several universities on the role of PR in the media. He became editor of The Skeptic in August 2020.

Homeopathy clearly doesn’t work, so why do some patients put such faith in it?

Patients, frustrated by a lack of answers in conventional medicine, sometimes turn to homeopathy - even though it offers even less hope of being effective

Gerson Support Group cancer ‘cure’ charity removed from register by Charity Commission

The Gerson Support Group failed to meet the Charity Commission's public benefit test - and it's not the only CAM charity that will fail to clear that hurdle

Off the Edge: Why so many people came to (wrongly) believe the world is flat

“Off the Edge” by Kelly Weill is an entertaining, informative, and deeply human look at the history of the flat earth movement, and its key figures

Echo chambers create an illusion of consensus around medical misinformation

Patients can find themselves beset from all sides by medical misinformation - and that constant repetition can make it feel like claims of miracle cures have something to them

When we talk about the scientific consensus, we need to be clear what we mean

What we mean by 'consensus' may not always be clear to the people we're talking to - unless we clarify our terms, we may not reach people

David Icke and Brian Rose’s four-hour anti-vaxx misinformation marathon

Failed mayoral candidate Brian Rose invited David Icke back to spend four hours spreading dangerous Covid misinformation, enabled by YouTube

Climate change deniers set Net Zero as the new target for their misinformation

The Global Warming Policy Foundation - a decade-old, opaquely-funded climate change denialist group - now has Net Zero firmly in its sights.

The churches seeking vulnerable refugees for Alpha course conversions

Christian "church planting" groups aiming to convert refugees should honestly reflect on why they're explicitly seeking out the most vulnerable in society

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