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Mark Horne is a board member of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. He currently works as Development Manager at a university and has been a fundraiser, copywriter, researcher and campaigner.

The Anti-Vax Truthpaper: Putting The Light under the spotlight

The Light - the anti-vaccination newspaper started by a prominent flat earther - has increasingly pivoted to spreading far right extremist conspiracy theories

Michael Yeadon; or why we should listen to the scientists who listen to the scientists

Michael Yeadon, a former scientist at Pfizer, becoming one of the most prolific sources of pandemic pseudoscience shows that even experts aren't immune from misinformation

Vernon Coleman: how the Pandemic has brought some unpleasant people new fame

Former doctor Vernon Coleman's emergence as a star of the COVID-19 conspiracy movement is little surprise, given his prolific career of misinformation

The Canary Islands’ Black Pyramids: history doesn’t have to be an unsolved mystery to be interesting

A new book sheds light on the origins of the black pyramids of Güímar, and shows how there are better explanations than ancient aliens

The Lacerta Files and its reptilian hybrids show the persistence of appealing myths

Twenty years after it was published, the Lacerta interview continues to inspire conspiracy YouTubers, UFO believers, and all manner of extraordinary claims.

The conspiracy theorists scaremongering about UN Agenda 21 have obviously not read Agenda 21

Viral claims on social media warn of a grim, totalitarian future under the UN's Agenda 21... none of which even remotely resemble the real Agenda 21 goals

Coming to terms: the words believers, skeptics and the general public use differently

Sometimes it feels like skeptics are speaking a different language to everyone else - here's our guide to the times what we mean differs from what people hear

Paul McCartney and The Bates Method of eyesight restoration

While it might come with high-profile adherents like Paul McCartney, when it comes to improving eyesight, the Bates Method is good For No One

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