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Hayley Stevens is a Wiltshire-based paranormal investigator using scientific scepticism to solve spooky mysteries. Described in The Times as 'The Scully end of "The X-Files Spectrum', Hayley is the host for The Spooktator podcast which examines the weirder elements of life, society, and the media, and also writes the award-winning 'Hayley is a Ghost' blog.

Could Loch Ness Monster sightings really be attributed to an aroused whale penis?

Viral posts claimed that sightings of the Loch Ness Monster were actually just aroused whale penises, but this eye-catching explanation simply doesn't fit the facts

An unhealthy dose of viral conspiracy

As conspiracy theories flood social media and users struggle to tell fact from fiction, we need to find better ways to stop misinformation from spreading.

Electrician sheds light on viral Birmingham ghost mystery

Hayley Stevens explains how the recent ghost captured on a Birmingham CCTV camera may have a far more mundane explanation.

The Mysterious Wels Catfish

Hayley Stevens interviews a candidate for our notorious lake monsters The wels catfish can live for at least thirty years and can grow to incredible...

Beware the App-aritions!

Hayley Stevens gets her smartphone out and goes ghost-hunting Imagine the scene - a darkened room, the promise of ghosts. Only a candle illuminates the...

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