Electromagnetic protection: the dodgy devices promising to protect you from EMFs

From the archives, Steve Donnelly discusses the burgeoning field of electromagnetic protection protecting devices

Going cashless may be the future, but we can’t afford to leave vulnerable people behind

As cashless becomes the norm in society, we need to prioritise accessibility to ensure the elderly, poor or vulnerable aren't left out

iNaturalist’s flaws leave people with a false impression of the world around them

AI-based apps like iNaturalist are fun but flawed - they're no substitute for real interaction and engagement with nature

Behind the World Wide Wall: how the anglophone IT industry limits diversity in coding talent

When people have to learn English before they can learn to code, we close the door on a potential wealth of creativity and innovation

Distinguishable from intelligence? Don’t mistake technology with superiority

From the archives, Wendy Grossman disputes Michael Shermer's claim that we are obviously more intelligent than our ancestors

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