Therapeutic Touch: another health scam from America

From the archives, Mahlon W Wagner calls on the nursing profession to distance itself from New Age mysticism and anti-scientific philosophies

Foreign aid, ethical obligations and the morality of giving

From the archives, philosopher Julian Baggini examines the morality of giving, and our ethical obligations to those less fortunate than ourselves

Is believing seeing? Early research into the unreliability of eyewitness testimony

From the archives, Richard Wiseman describes the very first experiment into the unreliability of eyewitness testimony - the pioneering work of Mr S.J. Davey.

Misleading propaganda from ‘Care Not Killing’ is designed to poison the well on assisted dying

Society needs to have an honest, grown-up conversation about the right to die - what it doesn't need is propaganda and misleading stats from special interest groups

Behind the slick production values of “The Reason I Jump”, lies Facilitated Communication

The documentary "The Reason I Jump" claims to offer insight into the inner lives of autistic people, but it is based on a pseudoscientific communication technique

Coming to terms: the words believers, skeptics and the general public use differently

Sometimes it feels like skeptics are speaking a different language to everyone else - here's our guide to the times what we mean differs from what people hear

Falsification: Karl Popper’s guide to telling real science from pseudoscience

According to Popper's Falsification, a proposition, theory or hypothesis is only as strong as how far it can resist falsifying evidence.

“Who decides?”: how fair questions can derail meaningful action

The question of who gets to decide how boundaries are set in society can often be a way to distract from efforts to change the status quo

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