When we talk about the scientific consensus, we need to be clear what we mean

What we mean by 'consensus' may not always be clear to the people we're talking to - unless we clarify our terms, we may not reach people

Dr Elisabeth Bik wins Skeptical Activism Ockham award

Dutch microbiologist and scientific integrity consultant Dr Elisabeth Bik has today been named the 2021 recipient of the Ockham Award for Skeptical Activism.

Pfizer scientist turned anti-vaxxer Dr Mike Yeadon wins 2021 Rusty Razor award for pseudoscience

An anti-vaccine campaigner who once worked for pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Dr Mike Yeadon, has today been named the 2021 joint recipient of the “Rusty Razor” award

Obituary: Lewis Jones – magician, writer, teacher, and skeptic

Mike Hutchinson, long time contributor to The Skeptic says farewell to the magazine's former columnist Lewis Jones, who died in September.

The Ockham Awards 2021: honouring the best in skepticism, and the worst in pseudoscience

Nominations for the 2021 Ockham Awards are now open, with our annual award for Skeptical Activism and our Rusty Razor award for pseudoscience.

Misleading propaganda from ‘Care Not Killing’ is designed to poison the well on assisted dying

Society needs to have an honest, grown-up conversation about the right to die - what it doesn't need is propaganda and misleading stats from special interest groups

Behind the slick production values of “The Reason I Jump”, lies Facilitated Communication

The documentary "The Reason I Jump" claims to offer insight into the inner lives of autistic people, but it is based on a pseudoscientific communication technique

Coming to terms: the words believers, skeptics and the general public use differently

Sometimes it feels like skeptics are speaking a different language to everyone else - here's our guide to the times what we mean differs from what people hear

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