Say cheese: we shouldn’t listen to scaremongering about oestrogen and dairy

Despite much scaremongering, there's no truth to the claims that cheese contains harmful levels of oestrogen or other hormones

Grain-free diets in dogs: a recipe for heartbreak?

Grain-free feeding has grown in popularity in recent years, but few owners are aware of the risk these diets can present to a dog's cardiovascular health

Dread not chilli peppers: dispelling spicy food myths and misconceptions

Lovers of spicy food will almost certainly have been subjected to some of these myths about the humble chili pepper

A rotten apple spoils the barrel: the fad of drinking apple cider vinegar to lose weight

Apple cider vinegar is often promoted for weight loss, yet the studies show there's no miraculous benefit to drinking the acidic juice.

Aaron Rodgers is just the latest in a long line of sports stars touting health nonsense

When Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers hit the headlines with his vaccine misinformation, he joined the sporting pseudoscience hall of fame

Do we really need supplements? A skeptic’s guide to micronutrients

While most nutritional supplements are probably not worth your time and money, not everything on the vitamin shelf should be dismissed

Start 2021 the right way: scrap those plans to go on a diet

Starting the New Year with a diet can be setting yourself up for failure - instead, ask yourself what makes you happy, and what you and your body need.

So you’re stress eating during a global pandemic

During this intensely stressful time, it's important to remember that seeking comfort in food is not unusual, and it's not sign of moral failure.

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