The Messengers of Lily Dale: An Analysis of Modern Spiritualist Mediums

From the archives, Benjamin Radford recounts his experience at a mediumship retreat in the USA

The Great Australian Psychic Prediction Project finds ‘psychics’ perform worse than random chance

Richard Saunders concludes a 12-year investigation by Australian and international researchers, covering over 3800 predictions from more than 200 self-professed psychics, and the results are not encouraging… for psychics.

Richard Saunders, on testing nearly 4,000 psychic predictions from the last two decades

Richard Saunders explains why he decided to wade through 20 years of psychic predictions, as part of the Great Australian Psychic Prediction Project

Psychic predictions for 2021 in review: peace talks from Donald Trump, and an end to Covid

2021 once again saw a slew of psychic predictions in the media - and a near-perfect record of misses and failures.

Why Millennials and Gen Z are turning to tarot as a form of “therapy”

Tarot's TikTok popularity is just the latest sign of the younger generation looking for whatever answers they can find - even if they're not true

Psychics and mediums: Mad, bad, or dangerous to know?

Given that psychics aren't actually performing paranormal feats, is it fair to separate them into the deceitful and the deluded?

Pandemic prediction problems: meet the psychics who claim to have predicted COVID-19

Psychics and astrologers now claim to have successfully predicted the pandemic, here's what their 2020 predictions actually said

Are there hidden messages in the Bible? Revisiting the claims of the Bible Code

From the archives, Klaus Schmeh tells the truth about the Bible code, and its claims to predict the future based on ancient holy texts.

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