The BBC’s ‘Sickness and Lies’ adds to the stigma disabled and chronically ill people experience

A BBC documentary on whether chronic illness influencers were 'faking it' only served to heap more judgement and stigma onto disabled and chronically ill people

‘Prevent Senior’ in Brazil accused of conducting unethical medical experiments on Covid patients

Even after Brazil's "Covid kit" of alternative treatments was shown to be ineffective, doctors were given sales targets to keep prescribing - with official guidance on how to classify away patients who died from Covid.

Placebo inhalers can’t treat asthma: another ‘powerful placebo’ myth busted

Patients on placebo inhalers reported that they felt better, even though their lung capacity was objectively the same - this isn't an argument for placebo asthma treatments, but for objective measurements in clinical studies

Inside the White Rose: the extremist groups looking to capitalise on Covid paranoia

Seizing on people's pandemic fears, extremist groups are trying to radicalise White Rose members with health misinformation, holocaust denial, and white supremacist propaganda

Though it remains unlikely, we’ve too little data to fully rule out the lab leak hypothesis… yet

While the recent US intelligence report ruled out claims that Covid had been deliberately create, it did not come to a conclusion on the lab leak hypothesis

The idea that four placebo pills are more powerful than two sounds magical – because it isn’t true

The claim that "four placebo pills work better than two placebo pills" is based on a misreading of an outdated study - we need to stop repeating it

Living donor: why I decided to give my right kidney to a complete stranger

Becoming a living kidney donor has made little difference to my life, but doubtlessly a huge difference to the life of the stranger who received it

Inside the White Rose: from stickers and graffiti to an online Covid conspiracy ecosystem

In part two of this investigation into the White Rose graffiti movement, we take a look at how members get pulled in to a conspiracy network on Telegram, and some of the confusing and bizarre claims that get shared there

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