Conspiracy theories give the illusion of control, in a system that leaves people feeling powerless

The Better Way conspiracy conference succeeded in identifying genuine problems, but sold deeply harmful and counter-productive solutions

The Get Well show proved that for its fans, even when pseudoscience fails, it succeeds

Lynne McTaggart's talk at her recent Get Well show was filled with tales of pseudoscience failing... yet she saw only more incredulous successes

As pet owners increasingly turn to CBD products, do claims match the evidence?

Despite growing popularity, the evidence for CBD efficacy in our pets is still in its infancy – meaning these products should not be used before seeking veterinary attention

Del Bigtree’s Better Way conference seeks to turn Covid conspiracists into full-on anti-vaxxers

Described by some as the "Davos of COVID conspiracy theorists", the Better Way conference clearly had its sights set on undermining confidence in all vaccines

Abortion isn’t murder – despite their rhetoric, even the American religious right know it

It is abundantly clear that the so-called 'pro-life' movement in the US don't genuinely believe abortion is murder, they simply want power and control

The right to an abortion isn’t just about extreme, horrific cases – it’s about our bodily autonomy

Discussing abortion rights on the terms of the religious right is a damaging mistake - the right to an abortion isn't just about ‘morally acceptable’ reasons like assault or medical emergencies

The Dangerous Dogs Act, with its emphasis on how a dog looks, is wholly unscientific

The Dangerous Dogs Act was brought in to protect people from dangerous dog breeds, based on aesthetics rather than genetics - and it does more harm than good

The Russian Game: the conspiracy mongering propaganda techniques designed to stoke division

Many might assume Russian propaganda is a modern phenomenon, but conspiracy theories throughout history have found a helping hand in Moscow.

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