Say cheese: we shouldn’t listen to scaremongering about oestrogen and dairy

Despite much scaremongering, there's no truth to the claims that cheese contains harmful levels of oestrogen or other hormones

Regulators take action against dentist offering applied kinesiology and cranial osteopathy

By striking off a dentist making misleading health claims, the GDC and High Court have sent a message to other dentists on the fringes of the profession

Grain-free diets in dogs: a recipe for heartbreak?

Grain-free feeding has grown in popularity in recent years, but few owners are aware of the risk these diets can present to a dog's cardiovascular health

Veterinary Homeopathy: Is the bark worse than the bite?

Once owners have been persuaded to put their faith in alternative treatments like homeopathy, it can be extremely hard for veterinary professionals to change their mind.

The Anti-Vax Truthpaper: Putting The Light under the spotlight

The Light - the anti-vaccination newspaper started by a prominent flat earther - has increasingly pivoted to spreading far right extremist conspiracy theories

Could lucid dreaming be the answer to avoiding persistent, recurring nightmares?

Learning how to consciously control and alter your dream environment through lucid dreaming may offer relief to sufferers of recurrent nightmares

Dread not chilli peppers: dispelling spicy food myths and misconceptions

Lovers of spicy food will almost certainly have been subjected to some of these myths about the humble chili pepper

Gerson Support Group cancer ‘cure’ charity removed from register by Charity Commission

The Gerson Support Group failed to meet the Charity Commission's public benefit test - and it's not the only CAM charity that will fail to clear that hurdle

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