Fears of creeping transhumanism give space for overt conspiracism in Gender Critical communities

In their rush to decry the 'transhumanist agenda', parts of the Gender Critical movement continue to inadvertently launder antisemitic conspiracy theories

The churches seeking vulnerable refugees for Alpha course conversions

Christian "church planting" groups aiming to convert refugees should honestly reflect on why they're explicitly seeking out the most vulnerable in society

Speculation breeds misinformation in the wake of the Liverpool terrorist attack

As soon as reports of the Liverpool terrorist bombing emerged online, the speculation began, providing fertile ground for misinformation to spread

Inside the White Rose: the extremist groups looking to capitalise on Covid paranoia

Seizing on people's pandemic fears, extremist groups are trying to radicalise White Rose members with health misinformation, holocaust denial, and white supremacist propaganda

Inside the White Rose: from stickers and graffiti to an online Covid conspiracy ecosystem

In part two of this investigation into the White Rose graffiti movement, we take a look at how members get pulled in to a conspiracy network on Telegram, and some of the confusing and bizarre claims that get shared there

The Curse of Monster Island: a four year experiment in unmoderated free speech

A forum for unmoderated free speech quickly became a place to showcase the worst aspects of human nature, with grim consequences.

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