Placebo Effect

Rather less than more: More or Less misses the mark on placebo effects

In praising the power of the placebo effect, the statistical sleuths at the BBC's More or Less cited small, subjective studies that have failed to replicate

Placebo inhalers can’t treat asthma: another ‘powerful placebo’ myth busted

Patients on placebo inhalers reported that they felt better, even though their lung capacity was objectively the same - this isn't an argument for placebo asthma treatments, but for objective measurements in clinical studies

The idea that four placebo pills are more powerful than two sounds magical – because it isn’t true

The claim that "four placebo pills work better than two placebo pills" is based on a misreading of an outdated study - we need to stop repeating it

Much ado about nothing: evidence of the ‘powerful placebo’ is far from convincing

A look at a paper touting the benefits of placebo for shoulder pain shows ‘powerful placebo’ claims fail to stand up to scrutiny.

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