The Ockhams 2018

The Ockham Award 2018 for Skeptical Activism


Michael Marshall of The Good Thinking Society won the popular vote for his work promoting scientific scepticism and rational enquiry


The Rusty Razor Award for pseudoscience and bad critical thinking


Andrew Wakefield, a former doctor, won this year’s Rusty Razor. It was accepted on his absence by Steve Novella. Our readers clearly felt that even years after Wakefield’s anti-vaccination work was discredited, that his legacy lives on. In the UK there has been an almost tenfold increase on measles cases in 2018 compared to 2015.

Editor Deborah Hyde said: ” These childhood diseases can do real damage, so we’re proud to be an organisation that gets the good news out there. The evidence is overwhelming that vaccination is safe. Protect your children and your community by using it”.

Some people covered this year’s Rusty Razor Award this way:

Daily Mail


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Many thanks to Dave Hughes and Robert Marcel McDermott for permission to use their images