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Sean Slater is the Vice-chair of Edinburgh Skeptics and has been involved in organising several Skeptics on the Fringe runs. He has given talks for various groups on Mobile phones and 5G fears and has worked in the mobile industry for over 25 years.

When you understand 5G technology, the conspiracy theories simply don’t add up

Despite the scare stories, there is no evidence 5G technology causes Covid-19, cancers, or the myriad health scares attributed to it.

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Time Team’s archaeologists showed us how experts can ruthlessly unpick a hoax

Channel 4's archaeology show Time Team's quiet destruction of a would-be hoaxer was a glorious illustration of the power of calm, patient expertise

The COVID-19 Vaccines are a sign for cautious optimism – but it is still early days

Three COVID-19 Vaccines have shown some very promising results, and we should rightly feel optimistic, but we aren't at the finish line yet

How Religion Trumped Science in America’s Coronavirus Response

There's a lot of blame to be apportioned when it comes to America's Coronavirus response - and religion needs to take its share

Real in What Sense? Consensually torturing skeptics over the nature of ‘realness’

Even a skeptic's sense of what is real can be less black and white than we think - and can lead to some surprisingly uncomfortable analysis

Four Perspectives On Peer Review: why it goes wrong, and why we need to fix it

The peer review process is vital, but it is riddled with errors and issues; the quality of future science depends on trying to improve it
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