Elizabethan Skepticism: How “A Discoverie of Witchcraft” pushed back against a moral panic

While still a product of it's time, Reginald Scot's "A Discoverie of Witchcraft" in 1584 offered common-sense challenges to the moral panic around witchcraft

The return of a myth: Satanic ritual abuse and the sacred status of Argos

In June 2020, the Dutch radio program Argos brought false claims of satanic ritual abuse back into mainstream discourse.

Exploring the ongoing popularity of Feng Shui in Singaporean society

In modern Singapore, belief in the superstitious practice of Feng Shui remains high, as inhabitants look to old traditions to grasp control of their lives

Is there a role in modern Singapore for superstitions and the little ways they control us?

Iowa Cheung reflects upon the local superstitions followed by Singaporeans, and whether they - even indirectly - have value in the modern world

Where mental illness is blamed on spirits, we need to be human to reach people

Some religious cultures misattribute mental health issues to spiritual possession - they won't seek help if care directly challenges their faith

Kumanthong, Ghost Babies, and Child Angels: the persistence of superstition in Singapore

Kumanthong are said to be the spirits of foetuses, who must be adopted and cared for in order to bring luck, health and prosperity.

Food for thought: the Hungry Ghost Festival of Singapore

Singapore's Hungry Ghost Festival is said to honour memories of the dead, but has this tradition run its course in today's modern society?

‘A Mystery to Ourselves’: from the Witches of Warboys, to an epidemic of Tik Tok tics

Our lives, our peers and the times we live in can have compelling effects on the afflictions we experience - whether those afflictions are physical, or psychological

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