Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories give the illusion of control, in a system that leaves people feeling powerless

The Better Way conspiracy conference succeeded in identifying genuine problems, but sold deeply harmful and counter-productive solutions

Another mass shooting in America cites the Great Replacement conspiracy theory as motivation

The Great Replacement - otherwise known as the Kalergi Plan - has been growing in popularity among conspiracist circles, increasingly driving its followers to horrific actions

Nikola Tesla and the cult of the mysterious genius

In the decades since his death, Nikola Tesla has taken on a mythical status among his devoted followers, who attribute to him all manner of groundbreaking - and ultimately suppressed - inventions

Del Bigtree’s Better Way conference seeks to turn Covid conspiracists into full-on anti-vaxxers

Described by some as the "Davos of COVID conspiracy theorists", the Better Way conference clearly had its sights set on undermining confidence in all vaccines

Being Reasonable: what we can learn from people who hold fringe beliefs

When it comes to engaging with fringe beliefs, it's important to remember that people don't change their mind overnight, or based on one conversation

The Russian Game: the conspiracy mongering propaganda techniques designed to stoke division

Many might assume Russian propaganda is a modern phenomenon, but conspiracy theories throughout history have found a helping hand in Moscow.

Q without Q: the devolution theory that sees QAnon believers double down in their delusion

By misinterpreting emergency powers designed for war scenarios, QAnon believers claim Trump is still in power, operating the government behind the scenes

The Catholic Fátima movement’s conspiracy theories over the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Pope Francis recently consecrated Russia and Ukraine in a misguided bid to end the war - to the dissatisfaction of the Fátima movement of Catholic priests

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