Conspiracy Theories

MegaAnon vs QAnon: Continuity and cross-pollination

While the MegaAnon and QAnon conspiracy theories were created separately, their ideas quickly cross-pollinated to create a shared universe

Understanding conspiracy theory tactics: moving the goalposts

When presented with the evidence they've asked for, if someone simply asks for evidence of something else, they're moving the goalposts

MegaAnon vs QAnon: Anatomy of a failed conspiracy theory and of a success

The message board that birthed the QAnon conspiracy was host to a string of failed conspiracies - by looking their failures, we can learn why QAnon flourished

Speculation breeds misinformation in the wake of the Liverpool terrorist attack

As soon as reports of the Liverpool terrorist bombing emerged online, the speculation began, providing fertile ground for misinformation to spread

The Lacerta Files and its reptilian hybrids show the persistence of appealing myths

Twenty years after it was published, the Lacerta interview continues to inspire conspiracy YouTubers, UFO believers, and all manner of extraordinary claims.

We all want to feel special and unique – which is what leads some of us to conspiracy theories

The desire to feel more unique than the general public has an impact on what beliefs someone may hold - and what conspiracy theories they subscribe to.

Eurabia, the Kalergi Plan, and the Great Replacement

The "Great Replacement" notion that mass migration is a deliberate attempt by global elites to weaken the white race is a sadly pervasive conspiracy theory

The conspiracy theorists scaremongering about UN Agenda 21 have obviously not read Agenda 21

Viral claims on social media warn of a grim, totalitarian future under the UN's Agenda 21... none of which even remotely resemble the real Agenda 21 goals

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