Conspiracy Theories

Though it remains unlikely, we’ve too little data to fully rule out the lab leak hypothesis… yet

While the recent US intelligence report ruled out claims that Covid had been deliberately create, it did not come to a conclusion on the lab leak hypothesis

The Bewilder Gambit: a conspiracy theorist tactic designed to distract

When the questions get too tricky to answer, many conspiracy theorists will aim to bewilder the skeptic with a complex-looking non sequitur

Fire, malfunction, North Korea, or something else: What really happened to flight MH370?

When speculating as to what happened to flight MH370, it's vital to be considerate of the families of those who are missing - the passengers and pilots

Inside the White Rose: from stickers and graffiti to an online Covid conspiracy ecosystem

In part two of this investigation into the White Rose graffiti movement, we take a look at how members get pulled in to a conspiracy network on Telegram, and some of the confusing and bizarre claims that get shared there

How American conspiracy theories invaded my family home in Singapore

Jadon Teo ponders how his normal Singaporean family become passionate supporters of Donald Trump, and loyal followers of Qanon

Inside the White Rose: The Covid conspiracy graffiti group operating on your doorstep

Throughout the pandemic, the White Rose movement has been growing, plastering towns with Covid conspiracy propaganda stickers

When it comes to conspiracy theories, even the small stuff matters

Conspiracy theories like the 27 club or Shakespeare's authorship may seem trivial, but they often serve as gateways into deeper, darker rabbit holes

Curbing misinformation begins with having more patience with the older generation

Times of crisis magnify the dangers of misinformation - in Singapore, those dangers are compounded by a digital skills gap between generations.

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