Conspiracy Theories

When it comes to conspiracy theories, even the small stuff matters

Conspiracy theories like the 27 club or Shakespeare's authorship may seem trivial, but they often serve as gateways into deeper, darker rabbit holes

Curbing misinformation begins with having more patience with the older generation

Times of crisis magnify the dangers of misinformation - in Singapore, those dangers are compounded by a digital skills gap between generations.

You’re probably not Galileo: scientific advance rarely comes from lone, contrarian outsiders

The pseudoscience and vaccine scaremongering from Drs Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein illustrates the importance of intellectual humility, especially when operating outside your field of knowledge

BTS = Bow to Satan? How Satanic, Illuminati conspiracies travelled from West to East

The use of religious iconography has seen a growth in the conspiracy theory that BTS - the Korean boyband phenomenon - worship Satan

The continuation of QAnon: the eternal sunshine of an election that never ended

The conspiracy theorists of Donald Trump's base avoid processing his defeat by refusing to accept that the 2020 election is over

Talking with believers helps us understand the emotional appeal of conspiracy theories

When tragedy struck in Agnes' life, her interest in conspiracy theories grew, and gave her something to hold onto and believe in

From chemtrails to COVID-19, Naomi Wolf’s prolific promotion of pseudoscience

Over the years, author Naomi Wolf has spread all manner of misinformation - from misleading statistics to chemtrails and COVID-19 conspiracy theories

The Great Reset: political pipe dream, or sinister New World Order plot?

When world leaders talk of a Great Reset, conspiracy theorists hear a malevolent plan to destroy society and erode civil liberties

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