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Dave Hahn recently defended his PhD disseration this past November the title of which is “Appeal to Conspiracy: A Philosophical Analysis of the Problem of Conspiracy Theories and Theorizing. He is an adjunct professor at SUNY Geneseo where he teaches a conspiracy theory and skepticism course and lives in Buffalo, NY.

The Russian Game: the conspiracy mongering propaganda techniques designed to stoke division

Many might assume Russian propaganda is a modern phenomenon, but conspiracy theories throughout history have found a helping hand in Moscow.

The Overton window of conspiracy theories has shifted toward the extreme – we need to drag it back

When politicians and leaders flirt with conspiracy theories for political gain without suffering political consequences, it shifts the window of acceptable ideas to more extreme positions.

Understanding conspiracy theory tactics: moving the goalposts

When presented with the evidence they've asked for, if someone simply asks for evidence of something else, they're moving the goalposts

We all want to feel special and unique – which is what leads some of us to conspiracy theories

The desire to feel more unique than the general public has an impact on what beliefs someone may hold - and what conspiracy theories they subscribe to.

The Bewilder Gambit: a conspiracy theorist tactic designed to distract

When the questions get too tricky to answer, many conspiracy theorists will aim to bewilder the skeptic with a complex-looking non sequitur

When it comes to conspiracy theories, even the small stuff matters

Conspiracy theories like the 27 club or Shakespeare's authorship may seem trivial, but they often serve as gateways into deeper, darker rabbit holes

If we’re going to convince the vaccine hesitant, we need to tackle conspiratorial thinking

Anti-vaxxers had a head start when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of the Covid vaccine hesitant - it's time for the rest of us to catch them up

How alternative medicine radicalises believers into Qanon conspiracy theories

The alt-med world is filled with Implied conspiracy theories, which train believers to accept global cover-ups as true - paving the way for Qanon belief.

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