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Aaron Rabinowitz is a lecturer in philosophy at Rutgers University, and host of the Embrace The Void and Philosophers in Space podcast.

The American Culture War: Coming soon to a politics near you

Culture war issues have long been used to try to derail social progress, but as exhausting as they are, they're worth pushing back against

Bill Cooper: the conspiracy theorist who links afrofuturist “Hoteps” with Alex Jones

The afrofuturist Hotep movement echoes conspiracy theorist Alex Jones because they're all pulling from the same source material: Bill Cooper

“Who decides?”: how fair questions can derail meaningful action

The question of who gets to decide how boundaries are set in society can often be a way to distract from efforts to change the status quo

Can you recognise antisemitism when you see it? An interactive meme adventure

After Disney dropped one of their stars over antisemitic social media posts, we look at common problematic tropes in 'anti-globalist' imagery

Beware the ‘They’: once we believe in hidden, evil cabals, we can be convinced of anything

By blaming an unseen "They" for all that's wrong, conspiracy theories block any genuine skepticism - and that's what makes them so dangerous

Cheap talk skepticism: why we need to push back against those who are ‘just asking questions’

'Cheap talk' skepticism - coming at little cost to the doubter, but significant cost to others - is undermining genuine skeptical inquiry.

Are you skeptical about free will? Prove it!

Letting go of a belief in free will isn't easy, but proving to people that no trace of the belief persists? That's where things get really tricky.

Real in what sense? Consensually torturing skeptics over the nature of ‘realness’

Even a skeptic's sense of what is real can be less black and white than we think - and can lead to some surprisingly uncomfortable analysis

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