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Aaron Rabinowitz is a lecturer in philosophy at Rutgers University, and host of the Embrace The Void and Philosophers in Space podcast.

Moms for Liberty: serving moral panic with a side of BASIC cannibalism

While conservative groups like Moms for Liberty scaremonger about white guilt and cannibalism, their goal is to use moral panic to drive censorship

In an increasingly secular America, religious conservatives exert power via the culture wars

The religious right in America are not taking secularism lying down, and they will cause a lot of suffering if the threat they pose is not taken seriously.

Fears of creeping transhumanism give space for overt conspiracism in Gender Critical communities

In their rush to decry the 'transhumanist agenda', parts of the Gender Critical movement continue to inadvertently launder antisemitic conspiracy theories

Questionable accusations over ‘woke’ climate change solutions empower white genocide conspiracies

Claims that climate change belief is part of a 'woke' religion feed into conspiracy theories around Malthusian depopulation schemes and white genocide

Those who define as ‘post-tribal’ forget that we all have communities – and biases

Humans form in-groups on the thinnest of pretexts - it's better to acknowledge the communities we're in than to delude ourselves in thinking we are 'post-tribal'

The paradox of progress: how some social improvements paper over unfairness and inequality

It's easy to argue that society is progressing, but when we replace overt oppression with covert oppression, is it reasonable to really count that as progress?

We can understand the effect of privilege better when we consider it in terms of moral luck

Terms like 'privilege' have, rightly or wrongly, become divisive - a simpler, and perhaps more fitting, question to ask is how lucky we've been

What is ‘value’? Reconciling ethics with scientific materialism

Skeptics can be uncomfortable reconciling ethics with a materialist worldview, but one solution is to accept that 'value' can be an objective concept

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