The erroneous assumptions of so-called alternative medicine: Root causes

So-called alternative medicine practitioners are always keen to tell their patients they treat the root cause of disease - in reality, nothing could be further from the truth

When it comes to research, so-called alternative medicine is hostile to progress

Researchers who demonstrate alt-med to be ineffective are routinely, personally attacked - because practitioners are looking for vindication, not truth

As a skeptic and a dentist, I jumped at the chance to take a dental acupuncturist course

If we want to appreciate what makes pseudoscience practitioners tick, we need to know how they’re taught to think - which is why I took an acupuncture course.

New NICE guidelines on chronic pain fall woefully short – and not just because of the acupuncture

Chronic pain patients need evidence-based care - instead, new NICE guidelines offer them patronising messaging, paternalism, and acupuncture

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