Where mental illness is blamed on spirits, we need to be human to reach people

Some religious cultures misattribute mental health issues to spiritual possession - they won't seek help if care directly challenges their faith

Kumanthong, Ghost Babies, and Child Angels: the persistence of superstition in Singapore

Kumanthong are said to be the spirits of foetuses, who must be adopted and cared for in order to bring luck, health and prosperity.

I am the ghost that haunts The Drovers Inn, and Brian Eggo owes me an apology

After our report earlier in the week on a ghost-less evening spent at The Drovers Inn, one of the resident ghosts, Ediwinabin HamHamster III (as channeled by Eli Bosnick), demanded a right of reply

Food for thought: the Hungry Ghost Festival of Singapore

Singapore's Hungry Ghost Festival is said to honour memories of the dead, but has this tradition run its course in today's modern society?

A night in The Drovers Inn: a special report from Scotland’s supposedly most haunted hotel

Is The Drovers Inn as spooky and as haunted as media reports and internet rumours would have you believe? Brian Eggo spent a night in the hotel, to find out

Hilary Evans Paranormal Picture Library: The Amherst Poltergeist

The latest image from the Hilary Evans Paranormal Library shows us the house in Amherst, Novia Scotia, which in 1878 was the scene of reported poltergeist activity.

“I do try to think more critically!”: The Parapod’s Barry Dodds on his belief in the paranormal

With the Parapod movie out now on general release, Brian Eggo sat down to talk ghosts and ghouls with the film's resident believer, Barry Dodds

Pulau Tekong: An island of ghosts, and the military men who train there

While Pulau Tekong's hauntings and spooky occurrences may not be real, the impressions they make on the young military recruits who train there are very real

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