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Dr Alice Howarth is a research academic working in pharmacology and therapeutics at the University of Liverpool. She is vice president of the Merseyside Skeptics Society, has written for The Guardian, Breast Cancer Now and is co-host of the skeptical podcast Skeptics with a K. In August 2020 Alice took on the role of deputy editor for The Skeptic.

Is community testing the answer to managing the COVID-19 pandemic effectively?

Understanding the accuracy of PCR and Lateral Flow tests - and how they compare - is key in assessing the UK's community testing program

We all need good hand hygiene, but antibacterial soap is a waste of time

My partner recently bought antibacterial handwash. It turns out I have unnecessarily strong feelings on antibacterial soap.

The COVID-19 vaccines are a sign for cautious optimism – but it is still early days

Three COVID-19 Vaccines have shown some very promising results, and we should rightly feel optimistic, but we aren't at the finish line yet

Failure to listen to patients is causing unacceptable delays in endometriosis diagnosis

Endometriosis affects one in ten women – yet patients continue to face an uphill battle for diagnosis and treatment

Are digital pregnancy tests simply taking the pee?

Digital pregnancy tests might look like another example of expensive e-waste, but we should look more carefully about their use and accessibility before we rush to condemn.

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