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Dr Alice Howarth is a research academic working in pharmacology and therapeutics at the University of Liverpool. She is vice president of the Merseyside Skeptics Society, has written for The Guardian, Breast Cancer Now and is co-host of the skeptical podcast Skeptics with a K. In August 2020 Alice took on the role of deputy editor for The Skeptic.

Say cheese: we shouldn’t listen to scaremongering about oestrogen and dairy

Despite much scaremongering, there's no truth to the claims that cheese contains harmful levels of oestrogen or other hormones

Dread not chilli peppers: dispelling spicy food myths and misconceptions

Lovers of spicy food will almost certainly have been subjected to some of these myths about the humble chili pepper

There’s nothing to claims that Covid vaccines cause HIV – but that won’t stop them spreading

The latest viral conspiracy theory about COVID-19 vaccines are that they cause HIV infection - based on misreading scientific articles from two years ago

Ayurvedic skin cream Dermaved found to contain powerful prescription-only steroid

Dermaved told users their skin cream was natural and Ayurvedic - in fact, it contained clobetasol propionate, one of the most potent steroids on the market

If a lateral flow test says you have COVID-19 – you almost certainly have COVID-19

There's nothing 'bizarre' about having a positive lateral flow test but a negative PCR - all tests have limitations, so assume any positive result means you have Covid.

The BBC’s ‘Sickness and Lies’ adds to the stigma disabled and chronically ill people experience

A BBC documentary on whether chronic illness influencers were 'faking it' only served to heap more judgement and stigma onto disabled and chronically ill people

Erectile difficulties? The P-Shot injection into your penis is not the solution you’re looking for

The £1,200 P-Shot promises to end erectile dysfunction, but it's better to ditch the needle and instead have an honest, open conversation

New NICE guidelines on chronic pain fall woefully short – and not just because of the acupuncture

Chronic pain patients need evidence-based care - instead, new NICE guidelines offer them patronising messaging, paternalism, and acupuncture

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