Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mothers-only Lockdown: postpartum confinement practices in Asia

Chinese Mothers routinely follow traditional postpartum confinement practices - but science suggests they could be doing more harm than good

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s grip on Singaporean society

Despite having access to high-quality and affordable healthcare, Traditional Chinese Medicine remains extremely popular in Singapore

Aaron Rodgers is just the latest in a long line of sports stars touting health nonsense

When Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers hit the headlines with his vaccine misinformation, he joined the sporting pseudoscience hall of fame

Durian fruit myths: the many tall tales associated with the “King of Fruits”

Singapore's favourite fruit, the durian, has become the subject of myths and folk tales - each a testament to its cultural impact and importance

Institute of Biomedical Science falls for the Traditional Chinese Medicine hype

The September issue of Biomedical Scientist magazine ignores the real story in their rose-tinted history of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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