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Thiago Vahia Malliagros is a brazilian historian focused on conspiracy theories and contemporary far right ideologies.

Q without Q: the devolution theory that sees QAnon believers double down in their delusion

By misinterpreting emergency powers designed for war scenarios, QAnon believers claim Trump is still in power, operating the government behind the scenes

MegaAnon vs QAnon: Conflict between Mega and Q

The MegaAnon and QAnon conspiracy theories arose at the same time, in the same place - with proponents of both theories interacting, and even clashing.

MegaAnon vs QAnon: Continuity and cross-pollination

While the MegaAnon and QAnon conspiracy theories were created separately, their ideas quickly cross-pollinated to create a shared universe

MegaAnon vs QAnon: Anatomy of a failed conspiracy theory and of a success

The message board that birthed the QAnon conspiracy was host to a string of failed conspiracies - by looking their failures, we can learn why QAnon flourished

Eurabia, the Kalergi Plan, and the Great Replacement

The "Great Replacement" notion that mass migration is a deliberate attempt by global elites to weaken the white race is a sadly pervasive conspiracy theory

The continuation of QAnon: the eternal sunshine of an election that never ended

The conspiracy theorists of Donald Trump's base avoid processing his defeat by refusing to accept that the 2020 election is over

The Great Reset: political pipe dream, or sinister New World Order plot?

When world leaders talk of a Great Reset, conspiracy theorists hear a malevolent plan to destroy society and erode civil liberties

The conspiracy theorists who believe ‘traditional masculinity’ is under deliberate, strategic attack

Is there really a plan to end Western society by destroying traditional masculinity, or are these beliefs just old prejudices in modern dress?

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