Defining Critical Race Theory will do nothing to deter culture war figures from stoking the CRT moral panic - we need to call out their tactics, rather than play into their hands



Why the climate change deniers’ argument that “CO2 is simply plant food” doesn’t stand up

The idea that rising CO2 levels are good, because CO2 is plant food, is a cop-out by climate change deniers designed to shut down scientific discourse.

Conspiracy theories give the illusion of control, in a system that leaves people feeling powerless

The Better Way conspiracy conference succeeded in identifying genuine problems, but sold deeply harmful and counter-productive solutions

Rhyme and Reason – Magnetic quackery

From the archives, Steve Donnelly takes a look at MagneCare's claims that magnetism can cure all manner of ailments

Anti-vaxxers and pro-Russia conspiracy theorists are both driven first of all by attitude

While disinformation is a powerful tool for spreading false ideas, anomalistic beliefs would not take hold if they didn't already fit with the recipient's ideology and attitude

Fighting health misinformation can save lives, and stop vulnerable people being exploited

Anti-vaxxer Barbara O'Neill planned to hold a UK workshop, but international collaboration between skeptics stopped her from spreading her health misinformation.

The Hairy Hands of Devon: how a tabloid tale spiraled into a full-blown urban legend

Legendary horror stories of monstrously hairy hands sending drivers in Devon to their death can be traced back to a spate of tabloid tales in the 1920s

The Get Well show proved that for its fans, even when pseudoscience fails, it succeeds

Lynne McTaggart's talk at her recent Get Well show was filled with tales of pseudoscience failing... yet she saw only more incredulous successes