Religious observance in school does more harm than good - we'd serve our children far better if we taught them about religion, without the indoctrination



Q without Q: the devolution theory that sees QAnon believers double down in their delusion

By misinterpreting emergency powers designed for war scenarios, QAnon believers claim Trump is still in power, operating the government behind the scenes

The Mystery of Hellfire Pass: Part One

From the archives, Paul Chambers and Robert Bartholomew investigate the Phantom Sniper of Esher, in their look at the Mystery of Hellfire Pass

Eye-catching claims about UFOs emitting dangerous radiation take the UK media for a ride

Media reports breathlessly repeated baseless claims about patients being hit by "highly powered microwaves" from UFOS, based on extremely questionable sources.

Say cheese: we shouldn’t listen to scaremongering about oestrogen and dairy

Despite much scaremongering, there's no truth to the claims that cheese contains harmful levels of oestrogen or other hormones

Regulators take action against dentist offering applied kinesiology and cranial osteopathy

By striking off a dentist making misleading health claims, the GDC and High Court have sent a message to other dentists on the fringes of the profession

Jordan Peterson, climate change, and the many definitions of a scientific model

Celebrity psychologist and podcaster Jordan Peterson's views on climate change show a fundamental misunderstanding of scientific models

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