A new study suggests that if we want to support a diverse population of bird species, we should focus less on feeders and more on wildlife gardening





The UK dumping raw sewage into rivers is nothing new – sadly, too many other countries do it

Plenty of headlines have claimed Britain's sewage issue is Brexit-related, but in reality it's not a new problem, and not just a British problem

Mrs Gaskell’s Elephant: the true story of a hoax

From the archives, Chris Willis writes about a hoax elephant story which fooled several experts on nineteenth-century culture.

Is the US government worried about UFOs? Or is that just what THEY want you to think?

Before the media report on the US government's interest in UFOs, they ought to take a look at whose making UFO claims - and who is funding them

If a lateral flow test says you have COVID-19 – you almost certainly have COVID-19

There's nothing 'bizarre' about having a positive lateral flow test but a negative PCR - all tests have limitations, so assume any positive result means you have Covid.

After three decades, why do the public still see GMOs as controversial?

While the scientific consensus on GMOs is clear, there is still plenty of work to do to reassure the public that biotechnology can be trusted.

Obituary: Lewis Jones – magician, writer, teacher, and skeptic

Mike Hutchinson, long time contributor to The Skeptic says farewell to the magazine's former columnist Lewis Jones, who died in September.

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