The undeniable presence of poor practices in parapsychology doesn't mean the whole field is pseudoscientific - genuine scientific inquiry is still taking place





Misleading propaganda from ‘Care Not Killing’ is designed to poison the well on assisted dying

Society needs to have an honest, grown-up conversation about the right to die - what it doesn't need is propaganda and misleading stats from special interest groups

Do astrologers have to believe in astrology?

From the archives, Nick Campion questions whether "belief" is even a particularly useful concept when applied to astrology

Are the claims for using coffee waste in the garden well grounded?

With a rise in suggestions for using coffee grounds in the garden, we take a look at the three most popular uses, to see what the evidence says

Nostradamus and 9/11: picking apart the proposed prophecy

From the archives, David Hambling takes a look at the predictions of Nostradamus in relation to the tragic events that took place in America on September 11th 2001

For a high-functioning society we must learn to embrace neurodiversity

Listening to the voices of diverse communities helps us foster a truly inclusive society, where we treat everyone with respect and humanity.

We can understand the effect of privilege better when we consider it in terms of moral luck

Terms like 'privilege' have, rightly or wrongly, become divisive - a simpler, and perhaps more fitting, question to ask is how lucky we've been

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