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Aaron Rabinowitz is a lecturer in philosophy at Rutgers University, and host of the Embrace The Void and Philosophers in Space podcast.

The paradox of progress: how some social improvements paper over unfairness and inequality

It's easy to argue that society is progressing, but when we replace overt oppression with covert oppression, is it reasonable to really count that as progress?

We can understand the effect of privilege better when we consider it in terms of moral luck

Terms like 'privilege' have, rightly or wrongly, become divisive - a simpler, and perhaps more fitting, question to ask is how lucky we've been

What is ‘value’? Reconciling ethics with scientific materialism

Skeptics can be uncomfortable reconciling ethics with a materialist worldview, but one solution is to accept that 'value' can be an objective concept

Counterweight, and the continued enabling of bad faith ‘anti-woke’ actors

The 'anti-woke helpline' Counterweight launched in a flurry of uncritical media interviews, but are less forthcoming when it comes to answering reasonable questions from critics

The American Culture War: Coming soon to a politics near you

Culture war issues have long been used to try to derail social progress, but as exhausting as they are, they're worth pushing back against

Bill Cooper: the conspiracy theorist who links afrofuturist “Hoteps” with Alex Jones

The afrofuturist Hotep movement echoes conspiracy theorist Alex Jones because they're all pulling from the same source material: Bill Cooper

“Who decides?”: how fair questions can derail meaningful action

The question of who gets to decide how boundaries are set in society can often be a way to distract from efforts to change the status quo

Can you recognise antisemitism when you see it? An interactive meme adventure

After Disney dropped one of their stars over antisemitic social media posts, we look at common problematic tropes in 'anti-globalist' imagery

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