Norway banned the breeding of brachycephalic dogs – is it time for other countries to follow suit?

The breeding of brachycephalic dogs like bulldogs and King Charles spaniels results in health problems that should not be ignored or normalised

Mothers-only Lockdown: postpartum confinement practices in Asia

Chinese Mothers routinely follow traditional postpartum confinement practices - but science suggests they could be doing more harm than good

David Icke and Brian Rose’s four-hour anti-vaxx misinformation marathon

Failed mayoral candidate Brian Rose invited David Icke back to spend four hours spreading dangerous Covid misinformation, enabled by YouTube

There’s nothing to claims that Covid vaccines cause HIV – but that won’t stop them spreading

The latest viral conspiracy theory about COVID-19 vaccines are that they cause HIV infection - based on misreading scientific articles from two years ago

Medical mistrust: what to do when the evidence isn’t enough

Evidence alone isn't enough to persuade people that their healthcare professionals have their best interests at heart - we also need to actively listen to people's concerns

Rather less than more: More or Less misses the mark on placebo effects

In praising the power of the placebo effect, the statistical sleuths at the BBC's More or Less cited small, subjective studies that have failed to replicate

Have Brazilians been effectively immunised against vaccine disinformation?

While health misinformation is rife in Brazil, confidence in vaccines remains extremely high, thanks to decades of public health messaging

Havana Syndrome: a primer for skeptics in an age of alternative facts

Are the symptoms of so-called Havana Syndrome really caused by secret sonic weapons and covert chemical attacks, or does the answer lie in psychology?

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