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Wendy M. Grossman is founder and (twice) former editor of The Skeptic, and a freelance writer.

Though it remains unlikely, we’ve too little data to fully rule out the lab leak hypothesis… yet

While the recent US intelligence report ruled out claims that Covid had been deliberately create, it did not come to a conclusion on the lab leak hypothesis

Making vaccines convenient and accessible helps minimise the impact of vaccine hesitancy

Tackling vaccine hesitancy is less about ‘nudging’ us, and more about removing the barriers to accessing vaccines

Skeptic at large: a new era

Former editor and founder of The Skeptic, Wendy Grossman, talks about the past, present and future of skepticism

Constructing Knowledge

I first learned to be a skeptic in high school. Pause. Modify. I think I was always naturally a skeptic - or, as my...

Alternative Facts

“WE HAVE BEEN FIGHTING ‘alternative facts’ for decades, haven’t we?” a fellow long-serving skeptic said recently. Indeed we have, even though it never occurred to...

Autism, MMR and the consequences of misguided science.

The news this week that The Lancet has retracted Andrew Wakefield's 1998 paper claiming to have found a link between autism and the MMR...

B Premanand 1930 – 2009.

Basava Premanand was India's leading skeptic and humanist; he published The Indian Skeptic and was a teacher, debunker,and performer.People compare him to James Randi,...

Why Statues Weep: The Best of the Skeptic

We are in the final stages of producing a "Best of the Skeptic" volume by the title of "Why Statues Weep". The Skeptic magazine...

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