“Who decides?”: how fair questions can derail meaningful action

The question of who gets to decide how boundaries are set in society can often be a way to distract from efforts to change the status quo

When shows like Pod Save America run pseudoscience ads, they undermine their credibility

Podcast hosts have a real intimacy with their listeners - that trust is eroded when they advertise snake oil supplements and pseudoscience

Monkey Business: humans aren’t alone in recognising a good bargain

Macaques have been observed trading tourists' possessions for food - showing humans aren't the only ones to understand good value

Putting Some Skeptical Mantras to Bed

As skeptics, we hear the same sayings and mantras repeated again and again, but we rarely pause to consider if they're useful... or even true

Cheap talk skepticism: why we need to push back against those who are ‘just asking questions’

'Cheap talk' skepticism - coming at little cost to the doubter, but significant cost to others - is undermining genuine skeptical inquiry.

How to spot medical misinformation in a pandemic: our top 10 tips

As medical misinformation and dubious claims continue to spread, we present our guide to help you separate fact from fiction.

Rebecca Fox… On the edge

Skepticism isn't something you are, it's something you do - when we realise that, it frees us to do skepticism our own way

On not being wrong: Personal reflections from a lifetime of skepticism

An important part of proper scepticism is to always be open to the possibility that you might be mistaken in your beliefs

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