How a scientific paper gets published: demystifying peer review

From the outside, the peer review process can seem like a black box; from the inside, it can be a time-consuming, imperfect process... but an important one.

‘A Mystery to Ourselves’: from the Witches of Warboys, to an epidemic of Tik Tok tics

Our lives, our peers and the times we live in can have compelling effects on the afflictions we experience - whether those afflictions are physical, or psychological

ASMR: the emerging scientific quest to understand brain ‘tingles’

Science has only recently begun to explore ASMR - but the consistency of the reports from those who experience it suggest there's something worth understanding.

Why I now believe parapsychology is a science not a pseudoscience

The undeniable presence of poor practices in parapsychology doesn't mean the whole field is pseudoscientific - genuine scientific inquiry is still taking place

Are the claims for using coffee waste in the garden well grounded?

With a rise in suggestions for using coffee grounds in the garden, we take a look at the three most popular uses, to see what the evidence says

For a high-functioning society we must learn to embrace neurodiversity

Listening to the voices of diverse communities helps us foster a truly inclusive society, where we treat everyone with respect and humanity.

Closing the information gap on GM technology means addressing fear, as well as ignorance

It’s time to direct our efforts not only to providing scientific knowledge on genetically modified food, but also to addressing people’s fears.

Living donor: why I decided to give my right kidney to a complete stranger

Becoming a living kidney donor has made little difference to my life, but doubtlessly a huge difference to the life of the stranger who received it

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