The UK media was feeling pretty smug last week, due to the fact they single-handedly averted the cervical-cancer-vaccine-Armageddon. The tragic death of Natalie Morton...

Ipso Factoid: Milking it?

The Daily Mail has reported on the stress busting properties of milk.  It seems a protein in milk known as Lactium could be the...

Ipso Factoid:It wasn’t meant to be like this

Where did it all go wrong? We were so close, you and I, and I thought you could do no wrong. I used to...

Teaching Anomalistic Psychology to teenagers

My latest column for the Guardian science web pages has just been posted at discussing the new anomalistic psychology option on the A2...

A Brief Introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

A critical analysis of the background of NLP Published in The Skeptic, Volume 16, Issue 3 (2003) Widely claimed to be indispensable for anyone who wishes to communicate better, NLP tempted Martin Parkinson to enter the jargon-jungle and find out more.

When nightmares intrude into waking life

The Skeptic's Lead Editor, Chris French, has co-authored a paper on sleep paralysis with Julia Santomauro, published in Issue 22 (August 2009) of The...

Towards a Cognitive Neuroscience of the Dying Brain

Published in The Skeptic, Volume 21, Issue 2 (2008) Jason J Braithwaite offers an in-depth analysis and critique of the survivalist’s neuroscience of near-death experiences

Latest news

Conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and alt-med quackery put our pets in harm’s way

Vet Danny Chambers highlights how the aggressive promotion of alternative therapies to prevent and treat animal diseases has become widespread.

‘Mask Mouth’: A real dental phenomenon, or merely a confection?

Dentist Shaun Sellars looks at recent reports of facemasks causing a new dental phenomenon known as 'mask mouth'.

The Ockham Awards 2020: recognising the best in skepticism, and the worst in pseudoscience

Nominations for the 2020 Ockham Awards are now open, with our annual award for Skeptical Activism and our Rusty Razor award for pseudoscience.

Don’t believe what you think!

What follows is a slightly modified and abbreviated version of the introduction to Professor Edzard Ernst's recently published book, Don't Believe What...

Ethics for Skeptics: why compassion and reason go hand in hand

Philosophy lecturer Aaron Rabinowitz outlines the ethical core of skepticism, and explains why a compassionate understanding of morality must underpin the skeptical worldview.
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