Electromagnetic protection: the dodgy devices promising to protect you from EMFs

From the archives, Steve Donnelly discusses the burgeoning field of electromagnetic protection protecting devices

Climate change deniers are using COVID-19 as a cover for questioning scientific integrity

When calls for greater scrutiny of scientific integrity come from climate change deniers and lockdown 'sceptics', we would be right to be wary of their intentions

The self-help industry is booming, but its advice is rarely based on solid evidence

From love languages, to Good Vibes, to The Secret, the self-help industry is thriving - even though less than a fifth of self-help books are based on empirical research

Where mental illness is blamed on spirits, we need to be human to reach people

Some religious cultures misattribute mental health issues to spiritual possession - they won't seek help if care directly challenges their faith

When we talk about the scientific consensus, we need to be clear what we mean

What we mean by 'consensus' may not always be clear to the people we're talking to - unless we clarify our terms, we may not reach people

Professor Christopher Essex: denialism meets philosophy of science

Professor Christopher Essex, chair of a climate change denial charity, argues we shouldn't trust science, but presents a deeply unworkable alternative.

Questionable accusations over ‘woke’ climate change solutions empower white genocide conspiracies

Claims that climate change belief is part of a 'woke' religion feed into conspiracy theories around Malthusian depopulation schemes and white genocide

The climate change deniers spreading misinformation… with charitable status

Seventy four climate scientists signed an open letter calling for a climate change denial charity to lose its charitable status - so why doesn't the Charity Commission act?

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