Recovering memories: The truth is, the Satanic Panic never really went away

The Satanic Panic never really ended in the 1980s - it continued to rumble along, waiting for a spark to reignite it back into full moral panic.

Rapa Nui: European myths mask the reason for societal collapse on Easter Island – colonialism

The belief that the islanders – and not Europeans – destroyed Rapa Nui minimises the devastating impacts of European colonialism.

Much ado about nothing: evidence of the ‘powerful placebo’ is far from convincing

A look at a paper touting the benefits of placebo for shoulder pain shows ‘powerful placebo’ claims fail to stand up to scrutiny.

Psychoanalysis: Science or Pseudoscience? Examining the status of Freudian theory

From the archives, Anna Järvinen considers the status of Freudian theory...

Going cashless may be the future, but we can’t afford to leave vulnerable people behind

As cashless becomes the norm in society, we need to prioritise accessibility to ensure the elderly, poor or vulnerable aren't left out

iNaturalist’s flaws leave people with a false impression of the world around them

AI-based apps like iNaturalist are fun but flawed - they're no substitute for real interaction and engagement with nature

Darling, you smell lovely: what role does body odour play in dating?

A look at the science of smell shows the jury is still out on whether sniffing someone’s genes can make you want to get into their jeans

Recovering memories: Could the Satanic Panic happen again?

Ongoing public belief in the idea of repressed memories suggests that the so-called Memory Wars are not yet over, and that the Satanic Panic could happen again

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