Climate change deniers set Net Zero as the new target for their misinformation

The Global Warming Policy Foundation - a decade-old, opaquely-funded climate change denialist group - now has Net Zero firmly in its sights.

Birdfeeders are very popular, but are they what’s best for our feathered friends?

A new study suggests that if we want to support a diverse population of bird species, we should focus less on feeders and more on wildlife gardening

The UK dumping raw sewage into rivers is nothing new – sadly, too many other countries do it

Plenty of headlines have claimed Britain's sewage issue is Brexit-related, but in reality it's not a new problem, and not just a British problem

After three decades, why do the public still see GMOs as controversial?

While the scientific consensus on GMOs is clear, there is still plenty of work to do to reassure the public that biotechnology can be trusted.

Attempts to “bring back” the woolly mammoth distract us from vital conservationist goals

Eye-catching efforts to recreate the woolly mammoth may grab the headlines, but if we really want to atone for our ecological sins, we should look to protect species that are still here

Exploding Head Syndrome is no joke – and neither is sleep paralysis

Sufferers of sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome would experience less distress if more medical professionals were familiar with these relatively common conditions.

How a scientific paper gets published: demystifying peer review

From the outside, the peer review process can seem like a black box; from the inside, it can be a time-consuming, imperfect process... but an important one.

‘A Mystery to Ourselves’: from the Witches of Warboys, to an epidemic of Tik Tok tics

Our lives, our peers and the times we live in can have compelling effects on the afflictions we experience - whether those afflictions are physical, or psychological

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