A Sceptical Inquiry

From Richard Dawkins to the atheist bus, critical thinking has made an unexpected return to popularity. Chris French, editor of the Skeptic magazine, wonders why

Utne Nomination 2005

— The Utne Reader, a national magazine that celebrates the best of the independent press by reading and reprinting from 1,500 independent magazines,...

An Evening with James Randi & Friends – a review

Jon Cohen remembers the highlights and the stories from the evening which featured James Randi's first presentation to a UK audience in over a decade, and Susan Blackmore's talk of returning to public scepticism and parapsychology.

Towards a Cognitive Neuroscience of the Dying Brain

Published in The Skeptic, Volume 21, Issue 2 (2008) Jason J Braithwaite offers an in-depth analysis and critique of the survivalist’s neuroscience of near-death experiences

Opening Launch of The Centre for Inquiry London

Center for Inquiry/Transnational (CFI), anAmherst, New York based international think tankpromoting reason, science, freedom of inquiry,and secular humanism, has established the ‘Centrefor Inquiry London'...

Believe it or not

Sally Marlow interviews Mark Vernon about life, the universe and everything – but mainly agnosticism.

From Psychic to Sceptic

James Byrne in retrospect on being a psychic

The Great Masturbation Delusion

A bout of moral alarm in the educated? From the archives, Hilary Evans considers another example where the scientific evidence is absent

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