Volume 23 Issue 5: Daniel Dennett

The Skeptic Vol 24-1


Deborah Hyde talks apes and ethics with Horseman, Daniel Dennett, in a special cross-production with The Pod Delusion.

Nelson Jones tackles the thorny lexicography of the rational approach in ‘Sceptic or Skeptic?’.

Richard Firth Godbehere applies a memetic perspective on the connections between Witches and The Book of Revelations in Early Modern Europe.

Jon Wainwright examines scepticism and consensus in science.


Logical Fallacies by Jesse Richardson

Columns & Regulars

There’s all the regular content, including columns from our popular regulars Chris French, Wendy Grossman, Michael Heap and Mark Duwe. Plus the first in a regular new series from David Allen Green – ‘ Cross Examination’. There’s ‘Hits & Misses‘, ‘Skeptical Stats‘, letters, crosswords and loads of reviews.