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Volume 26 Issue 2: Susan Blackmore

Buy Now SUSAN BLACKMORE consciousness, altered sates & freedom of speech THE WAR on ERROR Debunking for all NETWORK SCIENCE Direwolves, dragons, lions & maths A MYTHIC AGE Standards of proof reporting the supernatual in the Middle Ages THE OCKHAM AWARDS 2016 Plus all the regular features, reviews and columns from Chris French, Wendy Grossman, Michael Heap, Mark Duwe and Mark Williams

Volume 26 Issue 1: Jim Al-Khalili

Skeptic Vol 26 Issue 1 cover Buy Now JIM AL-KHALILI quantum mechanics, quantum biology & the history of science MORE MIRACLES the return of Peter Popoff BRAIN TRAINING evidence please? CORRELATION or CAUSATION? mozarella cheese & civil engineering REVISITING THE SECRET a psychological perspective on the self-help bestseller

Volume 25 Issue 3: Eugenie Scott

Language & Dictionaries Words are slippery customers and dictionaries are what do they really do The Skeptic Interview with Eugenie Scott The recently retired Executive Director of the USA's National Center for Science Education looks at the past and future of pseudo-science in the classroom Does Science Support Infant Circumcision? Revisiting the infant circumcision debate with a reply to Brian Morris from The Skeptic 24:4 Do You Remember? 'Sybil' & 'Eve' were famous and remarkable cases of 'multiple personality disorder' - but was it the psychiatrists who were deluded by 'recovered' memories? Centrefold Common Mythconceptions - the world's most contagious falsehoods Plus all the usual columns, puzzles, reviews and features.

Volume 25 Issue 4: The Monster of Lake Champlain

Magazine cover image issue 25:4 Buy Now the MONSTER of LAKE CHAMPLAIN A Nessie researcher investigates one of the USA's most enduring cryptozoological mysteries LADDERS, WEBS & DEATH as RECREATION Thoughts on the philosophical basis of death for entertainment WIND TURBINE 'SYNDROME' The unfamiliar trajectories of scientific uncertainty - what's wrong with asking bad questions? THE OCKHAM AWARDS 2015 Hosted at QED in Manchester CENTREFOLD The Chemistry of Ice-Cream Plus all the usual columns, puzzles, reviews and features.

Does science support infant circumcision? A skeptical reply to Brian Morris

by Brian D. Earp and Robert Darby According to Brian Morris in a recent issue of The Skeptic, “Science supports infant circumcision” and “so should skeptics.”[1] It would be more accurate to say that “Brian Morris supports infant circumcision” and that skeptics can think for themselves.

Volume 25 Issue 1: Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss The cosmologist and theoretical physicist talks about his brand new documentary Mindfulness Therapy What's the evidence? Rehabilitating the Conspiracy Theory With a little help from history and Edgar Allan Poe Crispian Jago's Carl Sagan Mosaic Physiognomy An old discipline revisited The Livingstone Close Encounter Scotland's 1979 UFO event explained?

Volume 25 Issue 2: Steve Jones

Steve Jones An interview with geneticist and popular science book author Professor Steve Jones. We talk genes, epidemics and religion Prickly Passions Hedgehog aficianado Hugh Warwick discusses that unquantifiable - passion - in the context of science Occam's Chainsaw Professor Jason Braithwaite and Hayley Dewe wield Occam's chainsaw to demolish dualist interpretations of the near-death experience The Skeptical Bobby Ex-policeman Stevyn Colgan takes another angle on policing Compound Interest The Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science Plus all the usual columns, puzzles and features.

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In celebration of the career of James Randi, The Skeptic's editors and supporters share their memories of the quintessential skeptical icon.

From the outset, chiropractors have held anti-vax views – sadly, not much has changed

Despite overwhelming evidence vaccines work, many chiropractors focus unduly on the risks, and refuse to recommend them to patients

What James Randi meant to me: Chris French reflects on the passing of The Amazing Randi

Professor Chris French marks the passing of James Randi with a lookback at the influence Randi had on his life and career.

But His Emails! Trump’s relentless emails remind me of my psychic penpal, Peter Popoff

The President of the United States takes a leaf out of the prosperity gospel playbook to dupe his supporters into giving him money

Institute of Biomedical Science falls for the Traditional Chinese Medicine hype

The September issue of Biomedical Scientist magazine ignores the real story in their rose-tinted history of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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