Electromagnetic protection: the dodgy devices promising to protect you from EMFs

From the archives, Steve Donnelly discusses the burgeoning field of electromagnetic protection protecting devices

‘Legal Name Fraud’ – The Truth? It’s hogwash

In 2016, we covered the series of strange billboards which began to crop up across the UK, promoting the Freedom of the Land conspiracy theory.

A science of networks: visualising connections using Game of Thrones characters

Andrew Beveridge's analysis of the character interactions in Game of Thrones describes how we can visualise contexts & connections

Are there hidden messages in the Bible? Revisiting the claims of the Bible Code

From the archives, Klaus Schmeh tells the truth about the Bible code, and its claims to predict the future based on ancient holy texts.

Is believing seeing? Early research into the unreliability of eyewitness testimony

From the archives, Richard Wiseman describes the very first experiment into the unreliability of eyewitness testimony - the pioneering work of Mr S.J. Davey.

Foreign aid, ethical obligations and the morality of giving

From the archives, philosopher Julian Baggini examines the morality of giving, and our ethical obligations to those less fortunate than ourselves

Therapeutic Touch: another health scam from America

From the archives, Mahlon W Wagner calls on the nursing profession to distance itself from New Age mysticism and anti-scientific philosophies

The First Quackbusters? The early battles between quacks and skeptics

From the archives, Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst reflect on the early history of the continuing battle between quacks and sceptics

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