Believe it or not

Sally Marlow interviews Mark Vernon about life, the universe and everything – but mainly agnosticism.

Haunting the Bereaved: a skeptical analysis of Colin Fry’s “6ixth Sense” TV show

From the archives, Mark Williams reflects on the ‘psychic’ offerings of Colin Fry as presented in his TV show, 6ixth Sense

From Psychic to Sceptic

James Byrne in retrospect on being a psychic

Taste-testing psychics and tarot readers on eBay

From the archives, Emma-Louise Rhodes purchases a range of tarot readings on eBay, all in the name of skeptical journalism

Levity on the Web: how the internet facilitates pseudoscience – and skepticism

From the archives, Steve Donnelly reflects on the role of the internet in spreading and promoting pseudoscience - and allowing skeptics to expose it

RE-ality Check: An Alternative Approach to Religious Education

From the archives, Damien Morris shows us one way to encourage enthusiasm and critical thought in classrooms

The Great Masturbation Delusion

A bout of moral alarm in the educated? From the archives, Hilary Evans considers another example where the scientific evidence is absent

What Colour is Four? The Perception of Synaesthesia in Art and Science

From the archives, Marc Tibber traces the shifting position of an intriguing psychological phenomenon

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