A Bohemian Vampire meets its end From Les Tribunaux Secrets (1864) By R. de Montaine Guest Contributor: Deborah Hyde The original vampire folklore came from central & eastern...


Kelpie & Lover Warwick Goble The Book of Fairy Poetry (1920) Guest Contributor: Deborah Hyde ‘Water Horses’ of all varieties were usually reckoned to be male. Freshwater kelpies,...

The Tedworth Drummer

Frontispiece to the third edition of Saducismus Triumphatus (1700) Joseph Glanvill Courtesy of the Mary Evans Picture Library The tale of the 'Tedworth Drummer' is a classic poltergeist...


Guest Editor: Deborah Hyde Many cultures and religions contain some concept of demonic possession, but the details vary considerably. Although the collection known as 'The...

How Do We See What Isn’t So: Part 2

IN PART 1 OF THIS ARTICLE, I presented several examples of contexts where our inherent “effort after meaning” can lead us to see meaningful...

Chris French remembers Hilary Evans, 1929-2011

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Hilary Evans, who passed away on 27 July 2011.

Sheldrake and Randi: When Pigs and Accusations Fly

The most recent issue of The Skeptic (UK) featured an interview by Chris French with James Randi (you can read the interview here).  It...

Night Terrors: Sleep paralysis

Nat Guest explores and explains the phenomenon of sleep paralysis; the state between sleep and wakefulness.

Latest news

Conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and alt-med quackery put our pets in harm’s way

Vet Danny Chambers highlights how the aggressive promotion of alternative therapies to prevent and treat animal diseases has become widespread.

‘Mask Mouth’: A real dental phenomenon, or merely a confection?

Dentist Shaun Sellars looks at recent reports of facemasks causing a new dental phenomenon known as 'mask mouth'.

The Ockham Awards 2020: recognising the best in skepticism, and the worst in pseudoscience

Nominations for the 2020 Ockham Awards are now open, with our annual award for Skeptical Activism and our Rusty Razor award for pseudoscience.

Don’t believe what you think!

What follows is a slightly modified and abbreviated version of the introduction to Professor Edzard Ernst's recently published book, Don't Believe What...

Ethics for Skeptics: why compassion and reason go hand in hand

Philosophy lecturer Aaron Rabinowitz outlines the ethical core of skepticism, and explains why a compassionate understanding of morality must underpin the skeptical worldview.
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