I am the ghost that haunts The Drovers Inn, and Brian Eggo owes me an apology

After our report earlier in the week on a ghost-less evening spent at The Drovers Inn, one of the resident ghosts, Ediwinabin HamHamster III (as channeled by Eli Bosnick), demanded a right of reply

Food for thought: the Hungry Ghost Festival of Singapore

Singapore's Hungry Ghost Festival is said to honour memories of the dead, but has this tradition run its course in today's modern society?

A night in The Drovers Inn: a special report from Scotland’s supposedly most haunted hotel

Is The Drovers Inn as spooky and as haunted as media reports and internet rumours would have you believe? Brian Eggo spent a night in the hotel, to find out

Psychic predictions for 2021 in review: peace talks from Donald Trump, and an end to Covid

2021 once again saw a slew of psychic predictions in the media - and a near-perfect record of misses and failures.

The Canary Islands’ Black Pyramids: history doesn’t have to be an unsolved mystery to be interesting

A new book sheds light on the origins of the black pyramids of Güímar, and shows how there are better explanations than ancient aliens

Hilary Evans Paranormal Picture Library: The Amherst Poltergeist

The latest image from the Hilary Evans Paranormal Library shows us the house in Amherst, Novia Scotia, which in 1878 was the scene of reported poltergeist activity.

Is the US government worried about UFOs? Or is that just what THEY want you to think?

Before the media report on the US government's interest in UFOs, they ought to take a look at whose making UFO claims - and who is funding them

The Lacerta Files and its reptilian hybrids show the persistence of appealing myths

Twenty years after it was published, the Lacerta interview continues to inspire conspiracy YouTubers, UFO believers, and all manner of extraordinary claims.

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