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Volume 22 Issue 4 & Volume 23 Issue 1: Double Issue

Simon Singh & Edzard Ernst on The First Quackbusters Edzard Ernst on The New College of Medicine Andy Wilson on How to Take an Overdose Mahlon Wagner on Therapeutic Touch Luke Mason on Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Alan Henness on The Nightingale Collaboration Richard Wiseman on the first experiment into eyewitness testimony Jason Braithwaite on Magnetic fields, hallucinations and anomalous experiences Klaus Schmeh on hidden messages in the bible An anonymous author on claims of recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse George Wells on Christianity and evolution Chris French interviews Richard Wiseman about magic, parapsychology and scepticism Benjamin Radford on spotting faulty reasoning Nathalie Nahai reviews TAM London 2010

The Skeptic Volume 11 Issue 1

Contents: Psychoanalysis: fact or fiction? Carl Sagan; The Mars Effect; Sleep paralysis or alien abduction? Runes and the New Age. You will be prompted to...

Militant Secularism? (Volume 22.4-23.1)

These materials accompany the short article of the same title, published in the Hits and Misses column, in Volumes 22.4-23.1 of The Skeptic. ...

Daniela Rudloff at the APRU

Listen/Download This is the presentation given by Daniela Rufloff at the APRU on 23/11/2010. Details of Daniela's talk are below. Title: "Mental 'Short-Cuts' - The Good, the...

Deborah Hyde at the APRU

Deborah Hyde image

Listen/Download [mp3 42.2MB]

This is the presentation given by Deborah Hyde at the APRU on 26/10/2010. Details of Deborah's talk are below.

Title: Demons and Nightmares: Why do People Believe in the Malign Supernatural?"

Volume 22 Issue 3: Simon and the Skeptics

In Volume 22, Issue 3: Features: Jon Wainwright on GodRobert Eagle's tribute to PremanandRyan Shaefer on blasphemyKylie Sturgess interviews...

Dr Sam Parnia at the APRU

Sam Parnia image

This is the presentation given by Dr Sam Parnia at the APRU on 23/03/2010. Details of Dr Parnia's talk are below.

Title: "Near Death Experiences During Cardiac Arrest"

Prof Richard Wiseman at the APRU

Sam Parnia image

This is the presentation given by Prof. Richard Wiseman at the APRU on 16/03/2010. Details of Prof. Wiseman's talk are below.

Title: “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose”: How Parapsychologists Nullify Null Results

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