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Volume 24 Issue 2: Patrick Moore

Flying Saucers From Moore’s? Was our most famous TV astronomer also a practical joker? On the cover, Steuart Campbell and Christopher Allan mark the recent passing of Patrick Moore. Is your myth up for renewal this month? Use the handy chart to sign up for your new one with Crispian Jago's latest centrefold. Beautiful Science Danny Rees looks at the doomed historical attempts to quantify human allure. The App-aritions are Coming Hayley Stevens goes ghost-hunting with a smartphone. The First Cut Marianne Baker examines our attitudes to circumcision and wonders if we have a blind spot with male genital mutilation. Sett Theory Philip Stott tells us how culling badgers is nearly impossible. Does stress make you fat? Alexandra Johnstone and John Menzies pick out the science from the tabloid headlines. The Psychology of Ghosts and Hauntings In the latest in our Science of the Supernatural series Prof Chris French looks at Factors that might lead people to believe they had seen a ghost.

Volume 24 Issue 1: Jane Goldman

Jane Goldman: the skeptic and writer shares her love of skepticism and the supernatural with editor Deborah Hyde. Nelson Jones: looks at the big-game sightings on the savannahs of England in 'Catflap'. Phillip Stott and Toby Murcott delve into scientific philosophy, to discover the sceptical thinking that isn’t in 'Scepticism and Science'. Kathryn Harkup kicks off a new 'science of the supernatural series' with 'Zombies are People Too'. Dean Burnett ponders the fashionable misuse of neuroscience in 'Neuropseudoscience'. Gijsbert Stoet and David Geary review the stereotype threat theory in 'Why Are There Fewer Women Working in Science & Technology?' We have a brilliant four page pull-out poster, Crispian Jago's 'Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense' Plus all the regular features, reviews and columns from Chris French, Wendy Grossman, Michael Heap, Mark Duwe and Mark Williams.

Paul Kurtz, Father of Secular Humanism, dies aged 86

The following article is a press release from Prometheus Books, of which Kurtz was founder. Are more personal article was published by Kurtz' former colleague ,...

Volume 23 Issue 5: Daniel Dennett

Features Deborah Hyde talks apes and ethics with Horseman, Daniel Dennett, in a special cross-production with The Pod Delusion. Nelson Jones tackles the thorny lexicography of the rational approach in 'Sceptic or Skeptic?'. Richard Firth Godbehere applies a memetic perspective on the connections between Witches and The Book of Revelations in Early Modern Europe. Jon Wainwright examines scepticism and consensus in science. Centrefold Logical Fallacies by Jesse Richardson Columns & Regulars There's all the regular content, including columns from our popular regulars Chris French, Wendy Grossman, Michael Heap and Mark Duwe. Plus the first in a regular new series from David Allen Green - ' Cross Examination'. There's 'Hits & Misses', 'Skeptical Stats', letters, crosswords and loads of reviews.

Volume 23 Issue 4: Robin Ince

The Skeptic Interview with Robin Ince Deborah Hyde finds the many facets of skepticism’s favourite outreach comedian, writer, producer and broadcaster. DEBORAH HYDE Conspiracy Theories: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly An MoD employee turned journalist looks at the popular modern narrative form to assess its bad – and good – points. NICK POPE The Mysterious Wels Catfish Is there a new candidate for our ever-popular lake monsters, or is the evidence lacking? HAYLEY STEVENS The Skeptic Awards A look back at our first awards ceremony: please rise for the winners of ‘The Ockhams’. DEBORAH HYDE March of the Giant Penguin Following in the strange footsteps of one cyptozoology’s classic hoaxes. NELSON JONES The Return of the Enfield ‘Poltergeist’ Comments about TV’s revisit of the famous case on This Morning. DEBORAH HYDE & MARY ROSE BARRINGTON Centrefold Karma Kanics CRISPIAN JAGO Columns & Regulars Reasonable Doubt CHRIS FRENCH Reply to Reasonable Doubt DONALD HAWTHORN Skeptic at Large WENDY GROSSMAN Galileo’s Doughnuts MARK DUWE Philosopher’s Corner JULIAN BAGGINI Hits & Misses MARK WILLIAMS Skeptical Stats MARK WILLIAMS Through a Glass Darkly MIKE HEAP Looking for America NEIL DENNY

Volume 23 Issue 3: Rest in Peace Hitch

Dickensian Ghosts Nelson Jones muses upon Charles Dickens' sceptical attitudes while visiting The British Library's latest exhibition: A Hankering After Ghosts: Charles Dickens and the Supernatural Looking For America Little Atoms host Neil Denny shares his plans for 2012 The Rise of Skepticism in Uganda Kampala radio host James Onen describes why he works to spread freethought in Uganda Learning From What Didn't Happen The Role of Negative Evidence in Investigation - Benjamin Radford Losing Hitch Anthony Burns ruminates on Hitch's persistent preoccupations, and wonders aloud about that supposed move from left to right The Skeptic Awards Deborah Hyde Centrefold Modern Science Map - Crispian Jago

Volume 23 Issue 2: Jon Ronson

Nelson Jones on the religious exhibition at The British Museum Dean Burnett on a homeopathic cure for homosexuality Hayley Stevens on paranormal conferences and impartiality Sam Harris interviewed by Deborah Hyde Chris French remembers Hilary Evans of the Mary Evans Picture Library Lynette Nusbacher on narrative and social constructionism Kylie Sturgess and Tessa Kendall on sceptical activism and the abortion debate Chris French interviews Jon Ronson Crispian Jago with an Alternative Medicine flowchart.

David Barrett at the APRU

This is the presentation given by David Barrett at the APRU on 18/11/2011. Details of David's talk are below.David Barrett Title: "The Church of Scientology – a Scientific or an Esoteric Religion?" The Church of Scientology claims to be based on scientific principles but actually bears a considerable resemblance to esoteric, Hermetic and Gnostic religious movements. David Barrett will explore these similarities, while also examining Dianetics as a form of psychotherapy, and looking into why people join and stay in “cults”, touching on the myth of “brainwashing”.

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