Family Constellation: the pseudoscience retraumatising victims at the approval of Brazilian courts

Brazilian courts are disturbingly fond of Family Constellation, a pseudoscientific form of therapy that pushes blame onto victims, and retraumatises the most vulnerable people

The ‘raw feeding’ trend can cause real harm to your pets – and to you

The popularity of 'raw feeding' is often based on misunderstood animal welfare and conspiracy theories around conventional pet foods

Kumanthong, Ghost Babies, and Child Angels: the persistence of superstition in Singapore

Kumanthong are said to be the spirits of foetuses, who must be adopted and cared for in order to bring luck, health and prosperity.

There’s nothing to claims that Covid vaccines cause HIV – but that won’t stop them spreading

The latest viral conspiracy theory about COVID-19 vaccines are that they cause HIV infection - based on misreading scientific articles from two years ago

Rather less than more: More or Less misses the mark on placebo effects

In praising the power of the placebo effect, the statistical sleuths at the BBC's More or Less cited small, subjective studies that have failed to replicate

Vernon Coleman: how the Pandemic has brought some unpleasant people new fame

Former doctor Vernon Coleman's emergence as a star of the COVID-19 conspiracy movement is little surprise, given his prolific career of misinformation

Questionable accusations over ‘woke’ climate change solutions empower white genocide conspiracies

Claims that climate change belief is part of a 'woke' religion feed into conspiracy theories around Malthusian depopulation schemes and white genocide

A visit to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, the UK’s explicitly creationist tourist attraction

After decades of criticism for its creationist messages, how has Noah's Ark Zoo Farm changed? Sarah Hearne paid the zoo a visit, to find out.

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