The Ockham Awards

The Ockham Awards were created by current Editor-in-Chief Deborah Hyde in 2012 to highlight and reward campaigning work by skeptics. As she wrote in Vol 23: No 4

In the short time that I have been involved with skepticism in the UK, I’ve been stunned at the amount of energy and effort that skeptics put into entertaining and informing each other, and the amount of enterprise that they put into getting the message out to ‘civilians’. There are hundreds, thousands of hours of professional-quality content available for free – all produced for the love of it. One of the first ideas I wanted to do as editor was provide some mechanism of highlighting and rewarding all the great work. You people deserve recognition!”


The award itself is clear acrylic underlit by coloured LEDs, with a different colour for each year.


The award ceremony has been hosted each year by the UK’s biggest skeptical event, QED and mc’d by Richard Wiseman.


Listings of all nominees and award winners to follow.