The Cost of Loving: falling birthrates, and the increased role of personal choice in procreation

Jordan Peterson believes falling birthrates are part of a self-hating environmentalist genocide, but it's more likely that people are having fewer babies out of personal choice

Could Loch Ness Monster sightings really be attributed to an aroused whale penis?

Viral posts claimed that sightings of the Loch Ness Monster were actually just aroused whale penises, but this eye-catching explanation simply doesn't fit the facts

Nikola Tesla and the cult of the mysterious genius

In the decades since his death, Nikola Tesla has taken on a mythical status among his devoted followers, who attribute to him all manner of groundbreaking - and ultimately suppressed - inventions

Science can be a candle in the dark, as long as you’re not actively trying to avoid the light

When people become over-invested in their beliefs, they can develop intellectual photophobia: an active resistence to any evidence that might shed uncomfortable light

Elizabethan Skepticism: How “A Discoverie of Witchcraft” pushed back against a moral panic

While still a product of it's time, Reginald Scot's "A Discoverie of Witchcraft" in 1584 offered common-sense challenges to the moral panic around witchcraft

David Langford’s skeptical ‘Skrapbook’

From the archives, a sneak peak into David Langford’s unique archive of sceptical scraps...

Abortion isn’t murder – despite their rhetoric, even the American religious right know it

It is abundantly clear that the so-called 'pro-life' movement in the US don't genuinely believe abortion is murder, they simply want power and control

Who The Devil Are You? Untangling the mythology surrounding Anton LaVey

From the archives, Ben Fridja exposes the truth about Anton LaVey, the notorious High Priest of the Church of Satan

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