The right to an abortion isn’t just about extreme, horrific cases – it’s about our bodily autonomy

Discussing abortion rights on the terms of the religious right is a damaging mistake - the right to an abortion isn't just about ‘morally acceptable’ reasons like assault or medical emergencies

The Dangerous Dogs Act, with its emphasis on how a dog looks, is wholly unscientific

The Dangerous Dogs Act was brought in to protect people from dangerous dog breeds, based on aesthetics rather than genetics - and it does more harm than good

The Mystery of Hellfire Pass: Part Three – A possible solution to the mystery?

From the archives, Paul Chambers and Robert Bartholomew round off their investigation into the ‘Phantom Sniper of Esher’

Cultural literacy is a vital tool in enriching our ability to communicate with one another

When it comes to cultural literacy - the shared pool of references that enrich our communication - we have to ask: which cultural touchpoints do we declare essential?

In modern-day Scotland, there should be no mandatory acts of worship in schools

Religious observance in school does more harm than good - we'd serve our children far better if we taught them about religion, without the indoctrination

The Russian Game: the conspiracy mongering propaganda techniques designed to stoke division

Many might assume Russian propaganda is a modern phenomenon, but conspiracy theories throughout history have found a helping hand in Moscow.

The Mystery of Hellfire Pass: Part Two

From the archives, Paul Chambers and Robert Bartholomew consider some theories as to the identity of the ‘sniper’s’ of Hellfire Pass

The return of a myth: Satanic ritual abuse and the sacred status of Argos

In June 2020, the Dutch radio program Argos brought false claims of satanic ritual abuse back into mainstream discourse.

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