Christmas as we know it is appropriated, co-opted, bastardised… and thoroughly magical

There's plenty to be skeptical about when it comes to the origins of Christmas, but that won't stop me embracing the warmth and magic of it all.

Are you skeptical about free will? Prove it!

Letting go of a belief in free will isn't easy, but proving to people that no trace of the belief persists? That's where things get really tricky.

History is written by the victors, and the losers, and by everyone else as well

There is no single 'true' version of history - pretending there is merely props up the status quo, rather than advancing our understanding

Rebecca Fox… On the edge

Skepticism isn't something you are, it's something you do - when we realise that, it frees us to do skepticism our own way

Brazilian Congress turns green – not for the environment, but for homeopathy

Brazil continues to make baffling healthcare decisions, including lighting up the Brazilian congress buildings... in honour of homeopathy

‘The Secret’ to a bland romance is: victim blaming, apparently

Katie Holme's Law of Attraction rom-com is a relatively benign affair, but the philosophy behind 'The Secret' has cruel and grim implications

On not being wrong: Personal reflections from a lifetime of skepticism

An important part of proper scepticism is to always be open to the possibility that you might be mistaken in your beliefs

Beyond COVID-19: the issues skeptical activists across Europe are facing

COVID-19 is understandably getting all the headlines, but there are plenty more fronts in the pan-European battle against pseudoscience.

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