Coronavirus, conspiracy, challenges and compassion

Our new editor Michael Marshall talks about the challenge of countering coronavirus misinformation and conspiracy theory, and why compassion is such an important aspect of skepticism.

COVID-19 nutrition myths

Registered nutritionist Pixie Turner takes a look at some of the most common COVID-19 nutritional myths to arise during the pandemic.

Too Much Medicine?

  Back in 1990 I wrote a paper for this magazine entitled Surely there is something in it: The social psychology of healing in which...

More on the Here & Now

APART FROM A MORE RECENT CONTRACT with a local mental health service, the last post I held as a psychologist in the NHS was...

Autism, MMR and the consequences of misguided science.

The news this week that The Lancet has retracted Andrew Wakefield's 1998 paper claiming to have found a link between autism and the MMR...

Why We Need Science

Harriet Hall examines the reliability and explanatory power of anecdotal reports, and biases in human perception in her article Why We Need Science: “I saw it with my own eyes” Is Not Enough

eHealth: Skeptic at Large

Wendy Grossman examines how technology and treatment combine in the modern healthcare system.

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