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Shaun Sellars is a general dentist working in Suffolk. He is currently working towards a Masters’ degree in Dental Law and Ethics and writes a regular column on ethical dilemmas for the British Dental Journal. His areas of interest include Evidence-Based Dentistry and non-clinical skills in dental practice.

Regulators take action against dentist offering applied kinesiology and cranial osteopathy

By striking off a dentist making misleading health claims, the GDC and High Court have sent a message to other dentists on the fringes of the profession

Dental surgeries need to reassess Covid safety measures as we recover from the pandemic

Society has begun to return to some form of normality. But what’s changed in the dental surgery? And how will the profession, and healthcare in general, recover in the future?

As a skeptic and a dentist, I jumped at the chance to take a dental acupuncturist course

If we want to appreciate what makes pseudoscience practitioners tick, we need to know how they’re taught to think - which is why I took an acupuncture course.

Not all dentists promote evidence-based treatments – four red-flag signs to look out for

Spotting rogue dentists and dubious remedies can be difficult for the layperson patient - so here's a guide to some of the common red flags

Activated charcoal is increasingly popular, so let’s talk about what makes for a good toothpaste

The alternative medicine community is very fond of their charcoal toothpastes, but the vast majority offer zero protection to teeth

What does Covid-safe dentistry look like?

Dentists are quite literally in the firing line when it comes to COVID-19, but we're taking every precaution possible to treat patients safely.

Despite scare stories from holistic dentists, cavitations probably don’t exist

Holistic dentists scare patients with warnings about cavitations - but the evidence for the existence of cavitations is flimsy at best

Anti-fluoride activists may disagree, but fluoridation is social justice in dental care

Water fluoridation isn’t a magic bullet to end dental decay, but for some it may be the only dental care they have access to - and for that reason it's worth it.

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